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Banking & Financial Institution

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Development of Banking and Finance sector

Previously governed by the Banking and Financial Institution Act 1989 (now repealed), the financial industry has evolved with modern commerce to ensure the industry continues to be competitive at world stage, stable at its home ground while protecting the consumers that it serves.

Going into the future Bank Negara Malaysia continues to regulate the industry with the usage of numerous regulations, rules and guidelines including the industry's pillar legislation ie Financial Services Act 2013 and Islamic Financial Services Act 2013.  

How ASCO supports Banking and Finance institutions 

Our services at ASCO include to support the project, real estate and acquisition financing, carrying out due diligence, advisory work on recent regulatory conditions and guidelines and provide financial advice aligned to each client's needs and ensure that our clients act in compliance with the relevant financial legislation. 

Furthermore, as Islamic Finance is rapidly developing and becoming as popular as conventional banking, we are dedicated to keep abreast with the evolvement of Islamic Finance and our commitment is to ensure that finance deals are structured in Sharia compliant manner. 

Dealing with ever-evolving area of law is not easy. Management of financial liabilities must be executed so delicately to avoid any complication in the future. It is therefore crucial for the relevant parties to seek legal advice at the earliest stage of any big financial dealings. 

Our main focus in this area of law is nothing but to ensure that our clients' interests are included and well protected in any financial related agreements and transactions. 

It is also our commitment to take the most practical and business-oriented approach best suit to any financial issues presented before us.  

Among key areas of service that we provide;

  • Commercial Financing  

  • Corporate Financing  

  • Property Financing  

  • Project Financing  

  • Islamic Financing

  • Business Acquisition Financing

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