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Developing human capital asset of the business

Nurturing and developing the human asset of the business 

Human capital is as important as other contributing factors for economic development of a business. 

Bearing such importance, it is thus crucial to protect employees' livelihood and safeguard their interests. Notwithstanding, we acknowledge that managing employees can be one of the biggest challenges as at times, businesses may require different strategies as it grows which consequently means the need to hire or fire your assets. 

Coordinated relations between employees and the employers is therefore required in order to have the most effective utilisation of human capital.  

Accommodating business employment requirement  

We at ASCO recognises that managing business is a complex matter and managing its assets is as complex as the business itself. 

Apart from assisting and advising clients on business related issues, we also take the initiatives to help clients with wide range of employment related issues; advisory as well as representing clients in the courts of all levels. 

Our services would include reviewing contracts of/for service, employment related policy, reorganisation and restructuring exercises, due diligence in merger and acquisitions, separation schemes, retrenchments, employee discipline, dismissals and misconduct in employment.  

Employment practice area scope of services

Numerous rules and regulations on employment law in Malaysia such as Employment Act 1955, Industrial Relations Act 1967, Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 to name a few, necessitates a dedicated commitment and responsibilities from a company towards its employees. 

With increasingly competitive business environment and other business risk management, this critical observation on employment issues may be overlooked. 

In such circumstances, our human capital services would be delighted to render assistance and address wide range of legal issues in managing the complex compliance of employment law in Malaysia. 

Among our scope of services under this practice areas are; Human Resources Policies  Employment Service Agreement  Disciplinary action  Voluntary Separation Scheme

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