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Legal Services Outsourcing

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Scaling your legal department in a new era ​ Looking at the current market flow, the hike in regulation and litigation costs would drive corporate and legal budgets through the roof. We at ASCO understand the concerns of these businesses which strive to have a flexible, scalable, efficient and most importantly, cost-effective standard of operation without hiring additional human capital. ​ Here at ASCO, we provide Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) services to Companies and Firms which will not only enhance their enterprise value by enabling costs effective growth and supporting strong internal controls but also by developing and executing a tailored strategy that will address the Companies’ long term organizational needs. ​ A proven method used by global players, now adopted in the local scene ​ LPO has recently been a popular choice among Corporations and Firms around the globe as a means to reduce the costs of legal works and due to its convenience and flexibility. With LPO, expertise will be at your fingertips and the use of external personnel can expand the internal bandwidth to reduce the turnaround time for pressing legal projects. ​ ​ What we can do for you ​ Let us do the heavyweight duty for the legal aspects. At ASCO, our legal services are custom-designed for each client’s specific needs. We’ll partner with you to identify areas of LPO that will benefit your Organisations. We are focused and dedicated on meeting our Client’s need and strive to provide exceptional expectation while providing high quality results within your budget limit. Among the services that we provide shall include but not limited as to the followings: ​ 1. Litigation Support Services Intake Package Management * Drafting Pre-litigation Docs * Tracking Court Proceedings * Debtors follow-ups 2. Information Management and Summarization * Creating a summary of records recorded over a period of years which shall comply the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 3. Contract Review & Management * Reviewing agreement and providing legal comments 4. Drafting Legal Documents/ Agreements 5. Legal Research

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