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Project, Construction & Engineering

Building civilisation's marvel

Understanding a complex area of law

In today's environment, project construction has become one of the most complex areas of law in Malaysia as it typically involves both levels; federal and state statutes and in some cases, common law. 

In the absence of the required local resources and expertise in many other areas of law, progresses of development transactions for example would frustrate expectations of many developers or organisations. 

With our vast experience in handling real estate related issues, we would be able to ensure that our clients' structured plan could be well observed and relatively maintain other related arrangements and dealings connected thereto.  

Best time to start engaging a firm 

As this area of law would highly overlap with contract law, we at ASCO Law committed to get ourselves involved at initial stage of any projects development including but not limited to preparing and drafting of development and construction agreements and other documents required to develop and construct infrastructures of any kind. 

Specific services under this practice area

 Our services for property related issues would cover reviewing contracts and agreements as well as assisting businesses to monitor necessary procedures of projects development and ensure that the progress of such projects is in accordance with the relevant laws in Malaysia.    

Thus far, we at ASCO has been involved in a number of real estate development transactions which includes advisory work on sales and acquisitions, title, land use, financing, joint ventures and on numerous significant local project developments. 

Our high commitment on this area of law is evident through our regular involvement for purchases and sales of residential, industrial as well as high value commercial properties. 

Among our key services under this practice areas are; 

  • Township Development

  • Retail Tenancy Legal Advisory and Documentation

  • Joint Development

  • En Bloc Sale and Purchase

  • Privatisation

  • Procurement and Tendering Process

  • Construction Law

  • Consumer HDA Sale and Purchase Agreement

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