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Getting across in a new era of technology 

As technology progresses at an unprecedented speed, various industries are affected. This in return has compelled traditional businesses to adapt and adopt new technologies to continue to be relevant while new incoming players that seek to have a portion of the market to deploy new strategies. 

In most cases, technology has disrupted an entire traditional market at a speed never thought possible altogether.   

Existing laws with piece meal updates 

Though Malaysia has its own share of stories, the technology law baselines has been in the legal ecosystem for sometime such as the Digital Signature Act 1997, Personal Data Protection Act 2010, Payment Systems Act 2003, Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, Electronic Commerce Act 2006 and many others. 

However the recent climate has also pushed regulators to issue piece meal regulation to adapt the ever changing circumstances and protect its many stakeholder and Malaysians alike. 

We can help your business ASCO strives to be the firm that assists businesses that would like to enter, remain relevant and continue to be compliant to the many regulations that continues to evolve and touch the many industries in Malaysia.

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